Specializing in Cyber Security Economics

Our Company

Tenet3 is a computer science and engineering firm delivering quantitative cyber security analyses to Department of Defense and private sector customers. We specialize in cyber security economics. Specifically, we identify the strategies and tactics that lead to optimal security investments for our clients. Our metrics assess threat mitigation strategies, cyber security costs, residual risks, and resiliency in complex systems. We believe that the best way to achieve cost effective cyber security is through strategic analysis of a system "as designed", "as built", and "as operating".

Tenet3's Methodology

  • Count - Collect - Connect ®
  • Cyber security begins with counting. Tenet3 will enumerate your system components. We will identify what is critical, collect and organize your system topology, assess your prioritized security needs, and connect them with cost effective cyber threat mitigation strategies.


    Our accomplished team members deliver results. We have published leading work in quantitative security metrics that resulted in cyber defense strategies for the US Government. We have been privileged to support academic institutions, large defense primes, commercial firms, and the following government customers:

  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Communications Security Establishment Canada
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Office Secretary Defense ASD(R&E)
  • What we do

  • Deliver a value assessment of your cyber security solutions.

  • Enable cost effective Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance.

  • Provide clear metrics for analyzing system security life cycle costs and supply chain trustworthiness.
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    MeTRA® is a novel web application for analyzing the economics of cyber security solutions in complex systems. MeTRA® utilizes property graph models to quickly build a network of components (e.g. a computer network or weapon system). It supports a variety of analyses including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), robustness/vulnerability estimates, and cyber risk assessment. It enables unprecedented manipulation of graphical system models and rapid calculations of complex system data for quantitative metrics and their resulting insights. The MeTRA® software is for sale. Contact sales@tenet3.com or call (937)280-6402 for pricing and information.


    MaRCS enables easy development and databasing of Risk Management Framework System Security Plans. MaRCS can track Risk Management Framework costs and helps identify schedule impacts when working through compliance efforts for complex cyber systems with specialized security overlays. The MaRCS software is for sale. Contact sales@tenet3.com or call (937)280-6402 for pricing and information.


    MIMIC® operates as a web page data capture tool. It enables rapid and curated collection of open source intelligence by analysts. It aids identification of relationships between important concepts. MIMIC® is a browser extension that stores information from each web search and relates each 'string of intel' back to the MeTRA graph database engine. The drop down overlay displays a carousel of recent web page captures and URL's. MIMIC® enables easy capture of cyber-physical system documentation by system security engineers and supports Risk Management Framework artifact collections. The MIMIC® software is for sale. Contact sales@tenet3.com or call (937)280-6402 for pricing and information.

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